The success of our students depends on a successful partnership between our students, their parents and our instructors.

Here are a few suggestions  to help implement a parent-teen care use agreement:

  1. Be an example - behavior is learned, it is not innate.
  2. Be clear - explain the rules, listen to your child's point of view and emphasize the consequences of failure to follow the rules.
  3. Be positive and emphasize - your concern for their safety, your expectations for responsible behavior and driving is a privilege, and a reward for responsible behavior.
  4. Be vigilant - check your vehicle before and after each use for tire damage and misuse, fuel levels, mileage usage, vehicle damage and any signs misuse.
  5. Be prompt - act promptly if there is a breaking of the rules, delaying consequences can be perceived as a sign of weakness.
  6. Be firm - do not negotiate consequences for breaking the rules, do not change your mind, do not cave in to an uproar.
  7. Be consistent - both parents need to provide a united front on issues, do not allow yourselves to be divided, and conquered.
  8. Be fair - get all the facts before you take action, let your child know that other children are also using the parent-teen agreement, and they are not being singled out.
  9. Be gentle but firm - let the contract do the talking, express disappointment when the rules are broken and your power lies in the enforcement of the agreement.
  10. Be flexible - listen but don't bargain
  11. Be in control - be alert for games and peer pressure.
  12. Be forgiving - love is unconditional, the contract provides for withholding privileges, not withholding love.


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