Teen Course: $425.00 -

Pre Payment Plan - payments may be made monthly before the start of class


It can be paid in full


It may be made into payments. If payments are chosen, half ($200.00)will be due at registration and the remainder($225.00) will be due by the first day of class (other arrangements may be made).

Additional Drives - $20.00

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and Scholarships

Scholarship Recipient

330 E 1st ST #4, 

Port Angeles,  WA. 98362

(360) 477-5264

Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship Recipient


Scholarship Recipient


June 2019 Class

One Student will receive a scholarship 1/2 off of Tuition

Safe, Dependable, and Affordable


Scholarship Applications Now"

Call for Details


Come on in and apply for a partial scholarships for middle and lower income families. These scholarships will be given once a year, after grades are given out for the end of school. The main basis for qualification are good grades and the citizenship of your student. For more information on qualifications give us a call or come on in.


Military and Law Enforcement - $25.00 off for any Previous or Active members of any Military Branch and Law Enforcement Agencies. (Call for more information)

Low Income Discount (Call for more information)  

Multiple Child - $25.00 off when a sibling of a prior student is enrolled

Discounts limited to one per student.